Aroma oils

The captured fine emitted by the flowers (smell) are usually dissolved in a liquid carrier by water-steam distillation. Essential oils are oily solution of plant essences.

They harmonize a man gradually and fully. Ennoble it to regain its primordial properties and qualities. Because freely grown flower, shrub, tree possesses the full range primordial (Divine) energy and can exchange them, broadcast them or speak the language of love.

The aura of the man take the necessary substances (which are in short supply in the physical body) of the spectrum of essential oil and thus gradually balance the systems and organs in humans. Becomes fine tune with the etheric level. Human skin can absorb essential oils in very tiny quantities and often WE congested effort to put more “healing substance” and break the homeostasis of the organism. So the basic rule for implementation of the essential oil is: the less the better!

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