Aromatherapy and irresistible flavors

The power and influence of irresistible flavors have long been known. The creation of positive emotions with the help of fragrances dates back to antiquity. With flavors experimented alchemists, are used in various ceremonies, the priestesses of love also use them … The fragrance of purity and freshness, both the home and the man himself, is the basis of all beneficial olfactory perceptions.


Treatment with flavors or called. aromatherapy in recent years is increasingly developing as one of the most effective environmentally friendly methods. Many countries have already set specific greenhouses for flowers and herbs to treat with flavors.

In contrast to the nerves of the other senses, the olfactory nerves transmit signals for a particular flavor to the brain, are directly related to that portion of the central nervous system, which controls the endocrine system, hormone release. These hormones affect the growth and unconscious vital functions such as heart rate, breathing, digestion, body temperature and hunger.

Beginning of aromatherapy lies in one of the oldest methods of treatment. The flavor extracted from various herbs and plants brings body and mind in balance, which helps relieve a number of ailments – mental and physical. Essential oils are extracted from various flowers, fruit trees, herbs and resins. Pure oils are highly concentrated volatile substances. Some of them like the clary sage oil contain vitamins, minerals and natural antiseptics. They can be used to treat hundreds of diseases such as depression, stress, arthritis, back pain and muscle, headache, colds, skin irritations, asthma, insomnia, metabolic or digestive problems and others.

The earliest records of aromatherapy dates back to around 2890 BC. BC., When ancient Egyptians used aromatic ingredients for religious and medicinal purposes. The ancient Chinese used aromatic oils in acupuncture, massages, baths and inhalation.

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