Essential oils

Тhe best would be to buy essential oils is to choose from plants grown up in our aread that have specific healing energy for your latitude. Old people have said that all man should be treated with their countries herbs.

The most important thing in choosing a natural essential oil is intuition, our inner sense of comfort and desire to enjoy the wonderful aroma. We can safely trust our personal sense of smell our nose. If something disturbs us in an oil or there is any hint of doubt and uncertainty, we do not buy it!

I often say that the only unquestionable authority in the selection of an essential oil is our own nose! And no other authority. Because whatever you write books or give recipes, they definitely apply to oils at a certain time and a certain person. Let us not forget that every person is unique individuality, and to him should be treated specifically and not PRINCIPLES!

I would like to clarify that even the essential oils of the same levels, but from different vintages vary. Years ago I did a series of experiments with a lovely lavender oil offered to me for testing and selection of several others who confirmed my thesis that any essential oil has its own character and qualities. The same results were obtained in dowsing measurements made by leading company in the US.

Essential oils are usually faked by dilution with base (bearing, basic) oils or replaced with cheap like. In diluted oils its normally present  with a shade as odor and flavor generally is not as it should. You can always tell when your favorite perfume (or drink) is a seasoned? You just feel that something is wrong, you are not comfortable, not what you expect, as if something has changed, replaced. Well, with oil so.

Imported oils are often forged, although the certificate for their quality meets the standards and even gas-chromatographic analysis seems normal. A essential oil should not be altered because they have great demand and plus it is several times cheaper than imported! And it gets paradox – REAL MEDICAL OILS remain in the shadows and make advertising of imported products only! Even if they are not always essential oils, but only “a little” forged, making them unfit for aromatherapy.

Artificial or chemical mixtures made atypical cause serious allergies, asthma, dermatitis and are the basis of modern diseases. That’s why I always spend a lot of time to explain the need for natural conditions, air, food and fragrances for men. And I sincerely hope that reading these lines, we will try a little change your life in a better direction.

Friends and strangers often ask me: “Why the same essential oil has a diametrically opposite qualities? How so?”. The correct answer is: because it is natural! Because it is created by nature and contains within itself all the primordial features! Because God creates perfect things! … Guess, however, who spoils them?! …

Well, it has to explain logically, since the purchase the customer is led by someone authority or council. In aromatherapy books (written dobronomereno subjective ie author’s point of view, experience and age because there are other books – very “scientific” ie compiled or written on behalf of a corporation) describe some studied properties and applications of an essential oil, but this is not really the full range of possibilities. Subjective point of view does not reflect the full potential of the oil (herb). This explains the fact that the healing qualities of an essential oil appear contradictory properties – for example, simulating and relaxing at the same time or lowering blood pressure and increasing – it all depends on the dose! For example, small dose normally acts relaxing, relaxing, lowering blood pressure and decreasing swelling and higher dose – opposite – stimulating, increasing blood pressure, demanding systems in the body. The presence of opposing properties is normal manifestation of the single matter and it should not bother us. I repeat, healing qualities depend on the exact dosage for a particular person at a particular time. Essential oils and foods have the ability to saturate the human body, as well as to sate (the latter with unpleasant consequences)!